About Us

There are numerous ways to approach a cleaning project but the most efficient and less demanding from your part would be to use our cleaning services. We are professional cleaners with numerous years of experience behind our back and trust us when we say that you can look for days and weeks and not find better cleaning experts than us, so call us or book our cleaners.

We are the number one cleaners in the area due to the fact that we have top notch cleaning instruments that allow us to drastically facilitate even the most demanding and labour intensive projects. We are also highly ambitious and motivated professionals who won’t hesitate for a second to walk the extra mile and provide you the best possible services. We work in such fashion because we firmly believe that our customers deserve nothing less than perfect services.

We specialise in both residential and commercial cleaning services, so the type of our project won’t be an issue. Also don’t worry that we may decline you services because we won’t. We have always worked with a flexible work calendar that constantly has free slots for new projects. In many ways it is because of our meticulously well-drafted schedule that we are the only contractors in Reading that accept last minute bookings.

To our knowledge we are also the only professional cleaners that work with non-toxic and non-chemical cleaning products. We prefer to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions because they are high effective and don’t leave any harmful particles behind. In fact we dare say that non-toxic and non-chemical cleaning detergents are by far more helpful than traditional products.

Please feel free to explore our company website in order to learn more about us, our methods of work and services. Also once you get in touch with us, don’t be timid and request your free quote.