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Campbells Cleaners

Campbells Cleaners

We are a professional cleaning company that offers wide-ranging services and deals that can fit any budget. Every single one of our services is customised to equal the highest requirements of the cleaning industry, so rest assured that we will provide you services that will go above and beyond your expectations.

We established our firm several years ago and since then we have managed to become the favorite contractors of the local residents and business owners. We have attained our current status by working hard and meticulously completing all the cleaning projects for which we have been hired. To our knowledge we are the only cleaners in Reading that have the necessary tools and know-how to handle equally well both small and big projects, so don’t be hesitant to call us if you are having troubles with your cleaning routine.

As we aforementioned we are the cleaners in Reading that maintain the biggest selection of services. Some of our most popular and sought after services are:

  • Full and partial residential cleaning services
  • Full and partial commercial cleaning services
  • Pre and post-tenancy cleaning services
  • Pre and post-party cleaning services
  • One of cleaning services
  • Single item cleaning services
  • Carpet and curtain cleaning services

Know that you can take advantage of our services either as standalone services or combine them in a package that best serves your particular needs and requirements.

Don’t worry about the price of our services because we work with affordable cleaning fees. We base our prices on the unique parameters of each project of which we are hired. We have chosen this pricing method because we understand the hard time in which we are all living and it allows us to work with fair and reasonable fees.

You can learn more about our company and services by exploring our company website in full or by contacting us via one of our telephone numbers or e-mail. Our customer consultants are polite and friendly professionals who will gladly answer to all your inquiries and present to you the additional information that you seek along with your personalised quote. Our quotes are free and don’t obligate you in any way towards us. Know that we are waiting for you to get in touch with us because we are eager to meet you and lend you a hand with your cleaning routine.

We are based in the large town of Reading. The settlement is located in the southern parts of England in close proximity to London. Reading has an estimate population of 320.000 people and is the 20th most populous urban area in the United Kingdom. The Maiwand Lion is beyond any doubt the most popular landmark of the town. It is a sculpture and war memorial which commemorates the 328 offices of the Royal Berkshire Regiment who lost their lives in the Battle of Maiwand in 1880. The Maiwand Lion was erected in 1886 and is situated in Forbury Gardens which is another well-known local place of interest. The Reading Abbey is another popular landmark that attracts visitors by the number.

Most Booked Services

Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpets are nasty and tend to ruin the ambiance of your household or place of work. Therefore use our carpet cleaning services to maintain your carpets in proper condition.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We can provide you the best end of tenancy cleaning services in Reading. It is so, because we are professional cleaners with numerous years of experienced in the cleaning business.

Oven Cleaning

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to clean your oven, keep calm and call us. We are a seasoned cleaning company that provides top quality oven cleaning services.

Domestic Cleaning

We are the cleaners to contact when it comes to domestic cleaning services because only we have the needed manpower and instruments to handle equally well both large and small scale projects.

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Other Services

Home Services

House Cleaning

We invite you to contact us every time that you are facing a domestic cleaning project. We are known to provide the finest house cleaning services in Reading and we work with reasonable prices.

Cleaning Services

You don’t have to break bank to benefit from high quality cleaning services. The only thing that you have to do is to call us and we will provide your top notch and affordable services.

Spring Cleaning

Allow us to plan and carry out your spring cleaning for you. By opting to use our services, you will have the peace of mind that you won’t have to move a muscle as we will take care of everything.

One Off Cleaning

Flexible and convenient solution for various domestic/commercial cleaning requirements. Excellent results, no margin for error, reasonable pricing. Can be made to include additional services/options for more coverage and extra value for money.

Home Cleaning

Our home cleaning services are synonymous with quality. It is like this, because we have tailored them to match in full the highest standards and requirements of the cleaning industry.

Driveway Cleaning

Hire us and have the comfort of knowing that your driveway will be properly cleaned. Please note that no other cleaning company provides driveway cleaning services as a standalone service.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

We can meticulously clean both natural and synthetic carpets with our dry carpet cleaning services. So, if you are carpets are too stained and dirty, know that we have the perfect solution for your troubles.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Are you looking to hire a company that provides dependable and yet affordable hard floor cleaning services? If so, know that you can stop searching because you have found us and we are the best cleaners in Reading.

Kitchen Cleaning

If you don’t have the time to maintain your kitchen in a clean and tidy state, don’t worry because we are here to help. We are cleaning technicians that provide the most amazing kitchen cleaning services in Reading.

Commercial Services

Office Cleaning

We are professional cleaners and we provide world class office cleaning services. It is like this because we have a team of highly qualified, hard working and competent cleaning technicians.

Window Cleaning

It doesn’t matter how tarnished your windows are because we can clean them perfectly and make them look, as good as new. Simply get in touch with us and book us for your window cleaning project.

Commercial Cleaning

We can easily and promptly clean any type of commercial establishment, from offices to warehouses to eateries and fancy boutiques. We also work with a flexible schedule, so hiring us won’t be an issue.

Floor Cleaning

Not many cleaning companies can match us when it comes to floor cleaning know-how. It is like this because we have been in the cleaning business for a while and we can easily clean any type of flooring.

Professional Services

Sofa Cleaning

Stained and soiled couches are appalling to the eyes. So, why don’t you use our high quality and cost effective sofa cleaning services to keep your couch clean, stainless and spotless?

Rug Cleaning

Carpets aren’t the only floor features that we can clean. We can also clean your rugs and remove all the stains from them. Note that we work with eco-friendly cleaning products.

Upholstery Cleaning

We have the necessity cleaning solutions and equipment to easily and properly clean any type of furniture upholstery. So, if your furnishings are dirty, know that we are the perfect cleaners for you.

Professional Cleaning

You won’t find a company that provides more reliable and affordable professional cleaning services than us. So, instead of losing valuable time scouting the area, simply give us a call and allow us to lend you a hand.

Deep Cleaning

By using our deep cleaning services, you will ensure that your curtains, carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery are free of harmful particles such as dirt, dust, bacteria, insects and germs.

Curtain Cleaning

Washing curtains can be laborious, so spare yourself from this time consuming task by using our curtain cleaning services. You can book our services via e-mail or one of the telephone numbers that we have provided.

Mattress Cleaning

The size, fabrication material and shape of your mattress, doesn’t matter because we have the needed manpower, equipment and know-how to clean any type of mattress. Know that we are waiting for your call.

Patio Cleaning

Give us a call and benefit from the most formidable patio cleaning services in Reading. We are professional cleaners that are always eager to start working on new cleaning projects.

Other Services

After Party Cleaning

We are the only professional cleaners in Reading that provide pre and post party cleaning services. Know that we work with reasonable prices, so hiring us won’t harm your event budget.

Ironing Services

We can easily iron and fold any quantity of clothes because we have first-rate ironing presses and folding machines. Therefore, don’t be shy to use our ironing services every now and then.


We have a team of fully licensed and highly skilled gardeners that can work wonders in your backyard. Just name the type of garden that you want to have, and we will make it happen.


Call us and take advantage of the best babysitting services in Reading. We are a trustworthy company and we are known to be a benchmark for quality when it comes to child care services.


We maintain a large menu of local and international delicacies which our cooks can prepare for your gathering. Our waiters are experienced professionals that will perfectly serve you and your guest.


By using our removal services your relocation will go smoothly and without any complications. It is so, because we have the needed tools and vehicles to drastically ease up and speed up your removal.


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